The Becoming YU First-Year Program provides you with a pathway of experiences and the ability to record valuable skills gained from those experiences. Through Becoming YU, you will recognize the value of your experiences by identifying the skills you gain in each.

You will be guided to attend certain events and activities that will help you be successful in your first year, while introducing you to the rich student life at York U. Being involved not only looks good on your resume, it is also an excellent way to meet people and learn more about university life.

The Becoming YU First-Year Program is currently open to all first-year international students at York University!

First-Year Path: Why Join?

  • Translate your first-year experiences into transferable skills!
  • Start gaining employability qualities right from your first year at York U!
  • Walk away with a verified Experiential Record at the end of the year!

How can you document your experiences?

Step 1: Go to Experience York.

Step 2: Click on the "Students" tab from the top bar and sign in with your Passport York ID.

Step 3: Click on "Career Education & Development" from the menu on the left, then select "About Becoming YU", then "My Experiences".

Step 4: You will see the Becoming YU - First-Year students program listed on the rights side of the screen. Click on it to begin.